Bubble Star

Bubble Star

Test your bubble popping skills


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy to get started but gets challenging
  • Upgrades and different types of bubbles


  • Mediocre sound and graphics

Very good

Bubble Star is a classic puzzle game for Windows 8 where you pop combination of bubbles.

Bubble Star brings nothing new but remains addicting. Players are given a cannon to shoot randomly colored bubbles. Combine three or more of the same colored bubbles and they'll pop. Every move you make brings the ceiling of bubbles closer to you. Once the bubbles cross the line, the game's over.

Bubble Star gives players a score based on how quickly they can pop all the bubbles in a level. Here's where accuracy and planning pay off. The ceiling won't come down as you plan your move so you have plenty of time to strategize.

Levels get progressively harder and more difficult challenges are given to the player. Bubble Star includes moving levels and power ups to keep gameplay fresh.

Overall, Bubble Star brings nothing new to the table but is still fun and challenging.

Bubble Star


Bubble Star

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